Valais: plus de soutien aux communes pour la cybersécurité

Le Grand Conseil valaisan a débloqué 500 000 francs pour aider les communes et les établissements publics dans la mise en œuvre de mesures de cyberprotection.

16 déc. 2021, 17:12
epa07261855 ILLUSTRATION - A person sits in front of a computer screen in Moers, Germany, 04 January 2019. Reports on 04 January 2019 state personal data of hundreds of German politicians, celebrities and journalists have been hacked and posted online. The compromised data reportedly includes credit card details, private chat protocols and contact information. The data was allegedly shared via a Twitter account under the name G0d (@_0rbit) prior to Christmas 2018, which has been suspended in the meantime.  EPA/SASCHA STEINBACH